Wisdom teeth removal

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Wisdom teeth serve no purpose in today’s modern world, and in many cases, removing them is best to protect your oral health.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

When most people are in their late teens or early twenties, they discover they are growing an extra set of molars at the very back of the mouth. Known as wisdom teeth, these extra molars might have been necessary for our ancestors to chew, but in today’s modern society, they really serve no purpose. Wisdom teeth are not necessary for your smile’s appearance, bite function or oral health.

In some cases, they erupt uneventfully. In most cases, however, they end up wreaking havoc by either partially erupting—leaving you vulnerable to infection—or fully erupting and encroaching on the adjacent teeth, leading to crowding and shifting. Because they are so far back in the mouth, they are also difficult to keep clean, so they are particularly susceptible to cavities.

Because wisdom teeth are not necessary for your oral health, we often recommend that they come out. At our Balcatta, WA dental surgery, our dentists can provide experienced, gentle wisdom tooth extraction.

Our goal is to make sure your children are comfortable at our Balcatta, WA dental clinic from an early age. We also want to do whatever we can to ensure healthy smiles for a lifetime to come.

What Are wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth come in years after your 28 adult teeth come in. They are located at the very back of your mouth in the upper and lower jaw: There are four in all. When these teeth interfere with your oral health, extraction is the best answer.

What to Expect with Wisdom Teeth Removal

We usually recommend that patients have their wisdom teeth extracted in their teens or twenties—even if the teeth are not causing any problems. Younger patients will usually have a somewhat easier recovery, plus these extra teeth can cause problems down the road if you leave them alone.

You may not even see your wisdom teeth, which could be a sign they are impacted. This can happen when there isn’t enough room for them to fully erupt, so they may start growing in at an angle or flat on their side. When wisdom teeth are impacted, they often lead to complications such as cysts or damage to nearby teeth or bones. They can also be painful. Because they are difficult to clean, it’s not unusual for people to develop gum disease.

Whether you are experiencing pain or not, your dentist will probably want to take an x-ray to determine how your wisdom teeth are positioned and how much room you have for them to come in. If you are already having problems or if your dentist predicts problems will arise, extraction is probably the best option.

The procedure itself won’t be painful because you will be anaesthetised. You can talk to your dentist in Balcatta, WA about the level of anaesthesia that is best for your situation.

When you are completely numb, your dentist will use a special instrument to loosen the connective tissue around the teeth, then extract them. You may need stitches to promote healing at the surgical sites.

After the Procedure

The healing process after wisdom teeth extraction at our Balcatta, WA dental surgery varies from patient to patient. You’ll want to plan to take it easy for a few days afterward. You might have some swelling and pain, which both usually decrease after a couple of days. Your dentist will provide you with a list of instructions to follow to help promote healthy healing.

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